This week has been mad busy, had to do my Louis Den League Challenge beat in which I do my best Kosyne impersination.....(I swear it really isn't Kos but people think it is)
Also this week I was on the Lucy Pink radio show....(Big shouts to Lucy) with my group Tactical Thinking then we had an amazing night at the Orphans Of Cush launch party at the Jazz Cafe where my fellow beat heads from the Den ripped it up.
Just got a ruff mix through today from Magestik Legend for one of the joints im producing for his forthcoming project..... Can't wait till this one drops!!!! 

Submitted beats to Percee P so something is definately gonna be cooking there, okay I gotta get busy on this next League Challenge so in the meantime you can peep my 1st couple of weeks beats

and if you wanna keep up to date on the Louis Den Challenge head over to their site

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